Hot New Afro is a launchpad for independent African artists, content publishing & entertainment platform founded by Paul Fashanu in 2017. A platform that allows music artists to raise funds for their projects, create content, promote content, distribute and publish content. It is also a platform that allows artists to organize events and provides a creative space to empower artisans with the tools, resources, technology, mentorship, networks, and freedom they need to activate their talent and translate it into a sustainable career that promotes industry innovation.

Our Ecosystem


A tokenization and crowdfunding platform for African artists to create their own tokenized ecosystem.

Since our inception in 2017, part of our value proposition and major goals at HOT NEW AFRO was to introduce a platform where fans can invest in their favorite artist and share in royalties. In 2018, after much research and development, we finally arrived at how we could make this a reality. We started experimenting with blockchain technology and found out that tokenization of artists and/ or their music project is an amazing way artist and fan relationship can flourish without the need for 360 deals from record labels.

2. HNA Music & TV

At HNA we partner with creators to produce enlightening and captivating content as a source of revenue stream for the company.

3. HNA Events

We do our best to partner with big brands and organizers to deliver quality entertainment and showcase African talent in the form of listening parties, university tours, pop-up shops, and token launch parties.

4. HNA Merchandise

We help to promote and sell quality merchandise at our studios and online shop for independent artisans to help PR their brand and build their fan base.

5. HNA Studios

It is here we handle all offline business activities, render creative studio services, and customer relationship management. HNA studios are equipped with a gallery, creative arts studio, tech studio, multimedia studio, co-creative space, merch shop, and events center.

6. HNA Community Tokens

We are a tokenized community with a total of 1 Billion HNA tokens created on the Ethereum Blockchain and distributed among investors, partners, advisors, developers, creatives and contributors to the HNA Ecosystem. The main benefit of the HNA Community token is Profit-sharing and voting rights amongst holders.

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Launchpad for Independent African Artist, Content Publishing and Entertainment Company

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